Donnerstag, 16. Oktober 2014

Auction @Christie's November 10

At the upcoming auction Christie's November 10 there are a lot of really beautiful watches coming up for sale. It is really worth to have a look at their catalogue. 

For my picks, I won't stay with the "oh so well known Patek, Rolex and so on big names" ;) I choose some really beautiful chronograph watches such as the following:

Universal Genève split second chronograph with 24h dial. This one, I'd say is my favorite watch of my picks. Not so often seen and with this complications it does look really amazing and is super rare. Signature on the dial "A. Cairelli" made in 1945. Lot N° 112, Estimated 34.000 € - 50.000 €.

This beauty, an Eberhard split second chronograph from 1940 comes in with a combination I do absolutely like, stainless steel case and pink  dial. Lot N° 110, Estimated 25.000 € - 42.000€.

This Eberhard split second chronograph from 1940 comes in with a different combo as the one above. It does have a gold case in combination with a black dial. Different stepped bezel and baton numerals. Lot N° 333, Estimated 25.000 € - 42.000 €.

This one is a more simple but really beautiful Eberhard chronograph from 1945. It comes in a beautiful combination of gold case and silvered dial. Lot N° 331, Estimated 4.200 € - 6.700 €.

Longines monopusher chronograph with the legendary 13ZN movement in it ordered by the Romanian Air Force and had the revolving bezel to which a dagger indicator was linked. Includes as well a copy of the distribution list over 215 Longines aviator's chronographs. Lot N° 257, Estimated 13.000 € - 17.000 €.

All the best.
(Photos by Christie's)

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  1. Auction results:

    Lot N° 112 - 68 750 CHF
    Lot N° 110 - 43 750 CHF
    Lot N° 333 - 43 750 CHF
    Lot N° 331 - 3 250 CHF
    Lot N° 257 - 30 000 CHF

    All the best.


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