Donnerstag, 26. November 2020

Patek Philippe 3979 & Patek Philippe 3974 at auction

Dear watch aficionado.

When talking about legendary vintage Patek Philippe timepieces, we always need to consider the extraordinary 1526, 1518 and 2499. But these two beauties, the 3979 (first automatic minute repeater) and the 3974 (most complicated watch at that time with automatic movement) are certainly a must have for every high-class collector too.

Not only that both watches were a novum for the firm back in 1989 but Patek Philippe had to ask the legendary casemaker Jean-Pierre Hagmann to create the cases for these two references (only a very limited number of cases were made by Hagmann). Now it chimes as well to everybody who is passionate about independent watchmaking. When I started my boutique in 2011 I started to work with Haldimann and Benzinger timepieces, the independents always skipped my heartbeat and therefor, these two Patek Philippe watches would be certainly on top of my wish list.

The more, it is interesting to note that probably only 10 cases for the 3979 were made by Hagmann and as well only a very limited number of cases for the 3974!

I do always consider these two references as the last real vintage and horological timepieces, before the industrial production took over.

Checking all the boxes (complication, novelties, still vintage, independent casemaker involved, rarity) I would recommend these timepieces at any time to my clients.

Here some photos as well two videos of the minute repeater by Phillips.

Direct link to Phillips for the 3979:

Direct link to Phillips for the 3974:





Dienstag, 3. November 2020

Benzinger, oil on canvas dial

 Dear watch aficionado.

Benzinger by Zanella. An original oil on canvas painting as dial. For sale at

Since 2011 I am proud partner of Haldimann and Benzinger timepieces.

Kind regards.