Freitag, 29. August 2014

Beautiful Chronos (1930 - 1965) @Bonhams September 16th

Dear watch aficionado.

Herewith I present you some interesting Chronograph watches from 1930 to 1965. All prices are estimated between 630€ - 2800€. It don't need to be always a 1518 or a Paul Newman ;)

Omega Seamaster from 1965, stainless steel, 35mm.  Ref. 105.004-64, Movement 22082895. Lot 154, Estimated 2300€ - 2800€

Breitling from 1945, 18ct, 36mm. Ref. 782, Case 662201. Lot 103, Estimated 1000€ - 1500€

Breitling from 1955, stainless steel, 37mm. Ref. 1188, Case 765223. Lot 97, Estimated 630€ - 880€

Breitling from 1965, gold palted, 35mm. Ref 2003. Lot 193, Estimated 630€ - 880€

Heuer from 1940, stainless steel, 35mm. Case 355595. Lot 102, Estimated 1300€ - 1900€.

Minerva from 1930, gold plated, 46mm. Case 7406, Movement 1330693. Lot 98, Estimated 1300€ - 1900€

Universal Genève from 1950, 18ct, 34mm. Ref 12247, Case 1128556. Lot 101, Estimated 1800€ - 2300€

Baume & Mercier from 1960, stainless steel and gold, 32mm. Ref 6101.099, Case 1657963. Lot 241, Estimated 1000€ - 1300€

All the best.

Montag, 25. August 2014

Bonhams auction, 16.09.2014 - Blancpain Calendar with Moonphase ca 1985

At the auction of Bonhams on September 16th, there is a very interesting Blancpain Calendar wristwatch with moonphase from 1985 up for sale. It is one of the first calendar watches made by Blancpain. Estimated 3500€ - 4000€.

I recommend you as well the interview made by Benjamin Clymer for Hodinkee with Jean-Claude Biver. Monsieur Biver does present outstanding watches in this interview:

Interview with Mr. Biver made by Benjamin Clymer

All the best.

Donnerstag, 21. August 2014

Andersen Genève - 1884 Worldtime. Only 1 left in platinum!

The 1884 Worldtime made by Svend Andersen is a super rare timepiece which is limited to 120 pieces (50 red gold, 50 white gold and 20 platine). And there is only 1 left in platinum!

The 1884 Worldtime is a hommage to Sir Sandford Flemming, who was the inventor of the worldtime back in 1884.

This timepiece comes with a solid platinum case, 41mm in diameter. For the pricing you can send me an e-mail on the following address:

Dienstag, 19. August 2014

Freitag, 15. August 2014

George Daniels - Millennium sold at Bonhams

At Bonhams was a George Daniels "Millennium" wristwatch, cased in yellow gold, sold for 182 759€. The Millennium watch made by George Daniels was a limited edition of 50 pieces overall, 8 in white gold and 42 in yellow gold. The first five watches have a skeletonized rotor as on the third picture below. (The 3 first pictures below I took from the book "A Master Watchmaker & His Art", written by Michael Clerizo) Interesting to know is, that the prototype is the only watch of this series George Daniels worked on. The other watches were finished by his protégé and outstanding watchmaker R.W. Smith, who is a well known master of horology in these days!

The following pictures show extracts of George Daniels book "All in good time" describing the work on the Millennium watches by Roger W. Smith. After the series was finished, Roger Smith started his own workshop with an order of 2 tourbillons made by George Daniels (last picture), who wanted to make the transition easier for his protégé with this commission.

Both books, "A Master Watchmaker & His Art" and "All in good time", are really great readings for every watch enthusiast!

All the best.

Mittwoch, 13. August 2014

Andersen Genève

Svend Andersen, genius watchmaker and co-founder of the world famous AHCI, born in 1942 in Danemark. For me it is a really great honour to represent the highly exclusive and super rare timepieces made by Svend Andersen. The more he is really a great person and he always gives me his advices if I do need so.

When he finished the watchmaking school he went to Switzerland in 1963. First he worked for Gubelin Lucern and then in 1965 he joined Gubelin Genève. After that he joined Patek Philippe, atelier de complications, in 1969 and worked for Patek until 1979 when he launched his own workshop.

His first creation was the famous "Communication" timepiece and from there on, he invented some of the most complex watches.

Timepieces by Svend Andersen (I won't write some philosophic text, I prefer to let the pictures talk):

The Grande Jour et Nuit, limited to 50 pieces (30 red gold, 20 white gold):

The Perpetuel Secular Calender, this very special and in the world unique piece is programmed for the next 400 years! So it is a real perpetuel calendar:

The Montre à Tact by Svend Andersen for the modern wristwatch is an homage to the famous "montre à tact" made by Abraham Louis Breguet. It is a limited series of 30 pieces and they can be all personalized:

The Kamar is a very special watch with its large moonphase at 12 o'clock. This watch is limited to 50 pieces (30 red gold, 20 white gold):

The Quotidiana lets you reflect over the day, over the time. The center of the blue gold is engraved with the symbols and the names of the seven days of the weeks. It turns over the whole day, once a week:

The Eros by Svend Andersen, comes in 3 different sized. The Eros 38.5mm diameter, The Eros XL 42mm diameter and the Eros 69 in 46x42mm:

The 1884 Worldtime, which was a limited edition of 120 pieces and there is only 1 left in platine! This timepiece is an homage to Sir Sandford Fleming:

For requests and orders, I warmly invite you to send me an e-mail at

All the best.

Montag, 11. August 2014

Pocket watch of my great-grandfather

With this pocket watch of my great-grandfather my passion started and my journey begun. It is not a great timepiece, neither it has a brand name on the dial nor it has a complication. But for me, it is THE timepiece which stands for the beginning and the most important is that it reminds me, every time I wear it, of my great-grand-father.

This journey led me to my own boutique and it is with the greatest honour and plesure to represent some of the most beautiful watchbrands on earth (I know, it is always an "affaire de goût").

All the best.