Mittwoch, 7. Februar 2024

Guilloché main -----> details on the Benzinger GAP

Dear watch aficionado.

Guilloché main - Herewith I want to show you some nice details on this beautiful guilloché main dial on this lovely Benzinger GAP with its original Breguet frost finish and rose gilted details. All the guilliché made by Benzinger is done at his atelier on 100+ year old guilloché machines, all manually operated.

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Freitag, 19. Januar 2024

NEW at -----> Unique Grieb & Benzinger chronographe rattrapante, Patek for Tiffany 1889

Dear watch aficionado.

NEW available at my boutique is this


Grieb & Benzinger chronographe rattrapante, regulateur

Patek Philippe for Tiffany&co movement from 1889

Unique timepiece

This Grieb & Benzinger is hand made with a Patek Philippe chronographe rattrapante movement from 1889, which was sold to Tiffany & co. in 1890. The movement is technically modified to get the regulateur indication. The more, all parts are either hand engraved, hand guilloché or hand skeletonized finished. The case is specially made to mesure for the movement with as well a hand made crown and pusher and hand guilloché bezel. It took Hermann Grieb and Jochen Benzinger more then 1000 hours of pure craftsmenship to finish this spectacular unique timepiece.


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Patek Philippe chronographe rattrapante

Made in 1889, sold to Tiffany & co. in 1890

Swiss lever escapement

Compensation balance with Breguet hairspring

26 jewels

32 hours power reserve

All parts are either hand engraved, hand guilloché or hand skeletonized

Technically modified for Regulateur indication



Made to measure for this movement

Hand made crown, pusher and hand guilloché bezel



Hand guilloché

Original Breguet Frost



Montag, 15. Januar 2024

Épargne ----> some details on this perfect Patek Philippe 2584 black épargne dial


Dear watch aficionado.
Épargne - Herewith I want to show you some details on this beautiful black épargne dial on this perfect Patek Philippe 2584.
The dial is made by Cadran Stern with the complicated "épargne" technique, which means that first the base plate is gilted, then the signature, minuterie and small seconds are protected by a special lacquer, after that the dial is colored in a black galvanique bath. After the black color has dried, the protective lacquer is taken off. Later the hour baton indexes and the 12 o'clock indexes are added. The indexes are fixed by "pickage" and then leveled by "limage" as you can see on the photo of the dial from the back. This method called "pickage & limage" was used back then at that time. These methods, "épargne, pickage, limage" can be seen as well on famous dials as the Bao Dai.
Kind regards.


Sonntag, 31. Dezember 2023

Gravé émaillé ----> details on this unique Patek Philippe 130 steel two tone sector dial

 Dear watch aficionado.

Gravé émaillé - Herewith I want to show you some nice details on this Patek Philippe 130 steel with its extraordinary gravé émaillé two tone sector dial. The two tone effect is achieved by a satiné vertical et circulaire of the main plate.

Wish you all a great last day of the year.

Kind regards.


Donnerstag, 21. Dezember 2023

Cloisonné au fil émail ----> details on a Patek Philippe 605HU


Dear watch aficionado.
Cloisonné au fil émail - Herewith I want to show you some nice details on this beautiful Patek Philippe 605HU with its "cloisonné au fil" dial. This rare timepiece was sold by Sotheby's in New York 2022.
I want to wish you some nice Christmas days and some great last days of the year.
Kind regards.


Freitag, 15. Dezember 2023

champlevé émail -----> details on the very first Vacheron & Constantin Mercator prototype

 Dear watch aficionado.

Champlevé émail - Herewith I want to show you some details on these beautiful champlevé émail dials made by Jean & Lucie Genbrugge for the Vacheron & Constantin Mercator. On the photos you can see the very first Mercator prototype.

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Mittwoch, 8. November 2023

Rolex 1675 ----> Serial number close to THE Marlon Brando 1675


Dear watch aficionado.
The serial number of this Rolex 1675 comes pretty close to the Marlon Brando 1675 which had serial number 3.245.836
Kind regards.