Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2015

Benzinger - Zeitmachine II chronographe

The Benzinger - Zeitmachine II chronographe, one of the best looking chronographs out there. The dial takes about 2 days of pure craftsmanship to be finished. 

The movement, based on a Valjoux 7750, is modified in house. Minutes and hours towards 4 o'clock, minute counter at 12 o'clock, small seconds at 9 o'clock and chronographe seconds from the center. All the guilloché, engraving and skeletonization is done by hand!

More you will find as well on the website of my boutique:

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Dienstag, 21. Juli 2015

Benzinger - Moser pocket watch


I do love pocket watches, because my passion for watches started with a pocket watch that I heritaged from my great grand father. This Moser pocket watch by Benzinger is something very special. it does wear inside a pocket watch movement made by Moser from the 1920's and it is limited to only 10 pieces!

The dial is superbly hand-guilloched with a Korn-guilloché for the main dial and a Strahlen-guilloché for the small seconds. The hours and minutes are moved towards 12 o'clock which give this beautiful watch a great appearance. The more, the dial is finished with original Breguet frost, which is very difficult to apply! The hands are flame blued finished.

The case is made in red god (can be chosen as well by the client in yellow or white gold) and finished all by hand! So, there is no CNC taken to make this case, it is all done as the cases of the pocket watches were made a hundred years ago. Plus, when you take a closer look to the case, you will recognize that it is guilloched by hand!

The movement is as well completely hand-engraved, hand-skeletonized and hand-guilloched. This finish can be chosen as well by the client and so every watch can be personalized by the client so that at the end every single piece of the 10 limited can be different!

You can order this great watch by sending me an e-mail on the following address:

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Benzinger - Zeitsprung, the LAST ONE AVAILABLE!!!

What makes this watch so interesting is not only the design but also what is under the dial. Jochen Benzinger was able to get a limited number of extremely rare Kasper movements 1415, which were made by Emil Kasper & Co in Pforzheim from 1911 to the 1970's. And so he created this limited series „Zeitsprung“ of 25 pieces.

The example in this report is the last one available! It does wear a beautiful Moirée guilloché onto the dial (original Berguet frosted!) with the jumping hours and minutes indication in black on a white background.

Benzinger and his master watchmaker transformed the movement into a jump hour complication. Many modifications to the base movement were required to create the jump hour function.
The movement of this last example is hand-engraved, hand-skeletonized and hand-guilloché. It is kept in a beautiful floral design, rose gold train gear bridge and barillet bridge . The main plate is black pvd coated.

The 40mm case in stainless steel does wear very perfectly on the wrist and makes this a very elegant and discreet timepiece.

The whole design with the jumping hours at 12 o‘clock, minutes at 6 o‘clock and seconds from the center makes this a perfect dress watch and is as well one of my favorite timepieces made by Benzinger.

You can order this great watch by sending me an e-mail on the following address:

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Samstag, 11. Juli 2015

Patek Philippe and Longines @ Boule Monaco auction on July 30

For the upcoming auction at Boule Monaco I made a choice of two watches from the catalogue. The first I chose is a rare to find Patek Philippe 2422 in platinum. The intersting thing about this example is the engraving in the caseback: "A mon meilleur ami" with the signature of the person who offered this watch to his friend. For me an outstanding good looking watch. The more it was made for only about 10 years started its production from 1946. I like the design of it with its spider lugs, which can be found as well on the legendary 1579 chronographe (a superb example of the 1579 signed Hausmann & Co can be bought at my boutique here) Lot N° 1067, Estimated 8 000€ - 12 000€.

The second timepiece that I chose is this great Longines chronographe from around 1940's cased in yellow gold and with a superb looking two tone champagne/blue dial. The interesting thing about this chronographe is that it does have a fly back function. (Longines vintage watches that can be bought at my boutique here) Lot N° 1272, Estimated 4 000€ - 5 000€.

I warmly invite you as well to have a look at the vintage corner of my boutique with the watches in my offer:!vintage/cj08

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(photos by Boule Monaco)

Donnerstag, 2. Juli 2015

My Patek 130 steel featured at HODINKEE

I am very proud and honoured to be featured in this week's episode of "Bring a Loupe" at HODINKEE with my superb Patek Philippe 130 steel two tone sector dial signed Walser Wald.

Big thanks to Benjamin Clymer and his team at Hodinkee for their support!

Kind regards.