Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2015

Guilloché lessons @ the atelier of Jochen Benzinger

The guilloché lessons do continue. Yesterday was one hell of a good day, could spend from early morning to late evening the whole day in the atelier of Jochen Benzinger with progressing my guilloché skills.

I did try to get an "exercise" dial done [well, I need a lot more of practising ;)] Therefore I fixed a brass blank onto the support and I firstly finished the small seconds with a sun guilloché and then the main dial as well with a sun guilloché centered to the small seconds which gives an outstanding appearance to the dial.

I can say that we had some good fun that day! This video shows it ;)

And yes, I had lunch too:

Proudly presenting the final result with Jochen Benzinger:

I am so thankful that I may go for all of these great, outstanding experiences and this makes my greatest journey so terrific. 

I am so thankful for the support I get from Jochen Benzinger, Marc Jenni, Beat Haldimann, Svend Andersen, John and Stephen McGonigle, Markus Döttling, because without their great support I could not live this dream!

As well special thanks to my parents, because without their selflessness support I would not even had been able to take a step in the direction I am walking at the moment. Where ever this direction will take me, it is awesome and it will always be. Because having the greatest passion as a job is the best thing on earth!

All the best.

Freitag, 20. Februar 2015

Article about the Andersen Genève - Eros at Revolution Online

Article about the Andersen Genève - Eros at Revolution Online:

Special thanks to Martin Green who did write this perfect article about this beautiful and super rare timepiece made by legendary watchmaker Svend Andersen.

More about Andersen Genève timepieces you will find on the website of my boutique:!andersen-geneve/cej

All the best and have a nice weekend.