Freitag, 20. Juni 2014

New website online!

Dear watch aficionado.

My new website is online now. I warmly invite you to have a look at it, there is a lot to discover:

Kind regards.
Christian Bissener

Montag, 2. Juni 2014

Christie's June 11 auction, Patek Philippe

And yes, there are as well beautiful Patek Philippe references at Christie's auction on June 11. Here are my picks.

A beautiful 1518, yellow gold and made in 1948. The interesting thing about this one is, that it is stamped with "HOX" which indicates that this one was made for the US market. Lot N°241. Estimated 150 000$ - 250 000$.

This one is a very rare late series reference 1526 cased in pink gold. It features the late dial with the date outside featuring a railway and the seconds inside. Lot N°59. Estimated 120 000$ - 160 000$.

This reference 1463 comes with the thinner bezel and lugs that curl downward of the second series. It is cased in yellow gold and was made in 1953. Lot N°242. Estimated 80 000$ - 120 000$.

This third series reference 1415 World Time, which was initially invented by watchmaker Louis Cottier, comes in yellow gold and was made in 1948. Lot N°58. Estimated 40 000$ - 60 000$.

This reference 565 comes with Breguet numerals and is cased in yellow gold. It was manufactured in 1946. Lot N°239. Estimated 12 000$ - 18 000$.

This reference 565 comes with center seconds and was made in 1946. It comes with an interesting engraving on the back which indicates that this one was presented to Robert S. Hulbert. Lot N°355. Estimated 12 000$ - 15 000$

This rare 565 comes in stainless stell with pink colored dial and the well known Freccero signature. It was made in 1942. Lot N°55. Estimated 20 000$ - 30 000$.

This very special reference 2526 comes in pink gold with bracelet, enamel dial and luminous hands and numerals. This special timepiece is one of seven known in pink gold with enamel dial and luminous hour markers and hands. It was made in 1958. Lot N°240. Estimated 30 000$ - 50 000$.

This yellow gold 2526 comes with the well known Gay Frères bracelet. It was made in 1954. Lot N°56. Estimated 20 000$ - 30 000$.

This beautiful 3417 cased in stainless steel and comes with a very nice story as well as in an overall very good conditionl Lot N°356. Estimated 25 000$ - 30 000$.

Kind regards.
(photos by Christie's)