Dienstag, 30. Dezember 2014

3 years anniversary project

For the 3 years anniversary of my boutique "Watch Collector" I am about to arrange a very exclusive offer in collaboration with Benzinger watches and world famous painter Léon Zanella.

Here is a first preview, so stay tuned for the official announcement of the details for this super exclusive timepieces.

All the best.

Freitag, 19. Dezember 2014

Haldimann Horology

Haldimann, outstanding, super rare and beautiful hand-made timepieces.

More about Haldimann on the website of my boutique "Watch Collector" under the following link: http://www.watchcollector.lu/

All the best and have a nice weekend.


Mittwoch, 17. Dezember 2014

Watch Collector - 3 years anniversary

Started my own boutique „Watch Collector“ 3 years ago and so my greatest journey got on its way at the end of 2011. It is till now my greatest challenge and I experienced the most beautiful moments of my life at this time! 
Making my passion as a job is like living a dream for me and without the support of my parents and some of my closest friends I would not have gone through these 3 years. The more, the outstanding support of my clients helped me to build up my own boutique and so I am really thankful to all of the people who supported me and those who still support me on my journey!
As well I wanted to thank the watch brands I do represent in my boutique, which do produce some of the most exclusive timepieces on earth, for everything they did for me.
I wish you all a great upcoming festive season and a great time with your family and friends.

All the best.

Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2014

Vianney Halter - Deep Space Tourbillon, article written by GaryG for Quill & Pad

Dear watch aficionado.

I warmly invite you to read this super article http://quillandpad.com/2014/07/15/why-i-bought-it-vianney-halter-deep-space-tourbillon/ about the Vianney Halter - Deep Space Tourbillon written by GaryG for Quill & Pad. If you are a serious watch connoisseur I recommend you to have a look at all the articles by GaryG. He is a great watch aficionado with an outstanding knowledge about watches and he does make awesome photos of the timepieces featured in his articles!

The two stunning photos underneath are shot by GaryG!

All the best.

Dienstag, 9. Dezember 2014

Haas Neveux & Cie, Gübelin and Patek Philippe @ Sotheby's December 10

Here are my picks for the upcoming auction at Sotheby's December 10:

I do really like those pocket watches with minute repeater and so I do love this rare and beautiful Haas Neveux & Cie made in 1920 yellow gold case. The watch is in an overall good condition. Lot N°176, Estimated 8 000 $ - 12 000 $.

For this Haas Neveux & Cie I like the simplicity of the dial with Breguet numerals and hands. The shape of the bridges of these old pocket watch movements is something I love really much. This one was made in 1900. Lot N° 275, Estimated 2 500 $ - 3 500 $.

I like this Gübelin jumping hour made in 1935, the design of the dial and case are really beautiful. The case comes in white gold. The watch is in an overall good condition. Lot N° 178, Estimated 7 000 $ - 9 000 $.

If I would have to chose a vintage Patek Philippe timepiece, it would be the iconic 1518 even before the 2499. This one is made in 1950, arabic numerals and yellow gold case. Lot N° 115, Estimated 150 000 $ - 200 000 $.

I invite you as well to have a look at my vintage corner on my website of my boutique, some rare and beautiful timepieces are waiting there!

All the best.
(photos by Sotheby's)

Montag, 8. Dezember 2014

Vacheron & Constantin, Haas Neveux & Cie, Patek Philippe and Rolex @ Christie's December 9

For the upcoming auction tomorrow at Christie's I picked the following beautiful timepieces:

This beautiful and super rare minute repeating Haas Neveux & company timepiece was made in the 1930's at the end of the existence of Haas Neveux & Cie caused by the great Depression. It is a platinum case with Breguet numerals. Lot N°315, Estimated 30 000 $ - 50 000 $.

This is my favorite, a Patek Philippe 565 in stainless steel with Tiffany & Co. signature. If I had the money, I'd go for this one. Lot N°408, Estimated 30 000 $ - 50 000 $.

This yellow gold Patek Philippe 565 was purchased by legendary collector Henry Graves Jr. just short before of his death in 1951 (1868-1953). Lot N°294, Estimated 40 000 $ - 60 000 $.

The legendary Patek Philippe 1526 made from 1940 - 1952. This one is cased in yellow gold, made in 1949 and accompanied by presentation Box, pouch and outer packing. Lot N° 104, Estimated 60 000 $ - 80 000 $.

This Rolex 6542 made in 1958, features an original brown exotic dial and bakelite bezel. The dial does wear the nipple numerlas and the 24h hand features the small arrow. Lot N° 115, Estimated 80 000 $ - 120 000 $. 

This beautiful Vacheron & Constantin 4178 made in comes in yellow gold and the Vacheron presentation box. Lot N° 128, Estimated 15 000 $ - 20 000 $.

I invite you as well to have a look at my vintage corner on my website of my boutique, some rare and beautiful timepieces are waiting there!

All the best.
(photos by Christie's)