Mittwoch, 30. April 2014

Marc Jenni, 2 new WDT models

Marc Jenni, the genious watchmaker behind the brand "Marc Jenni" and inventor of his crownless style timepieces released at Basel two new models of his Prologue WDT collection, the P05 & P06.

l. to r.: P06, P03, P04, P05

In comparison to the P03 & P04 these new models are brighter with its white dial for the P05 and the copper style dial for the P06. The case comes with 44mm in stainless steel. As well both models do feature the crownless setting mechanism of the time, date and wind. By selecting with the pusher button at 4 o'clock you can choose between the options W(ind), D(ate) or T(ime). And than with the ring that turns around the complete case you can set the Time, set the Date or wind your watch!



The following video shows you how the timepieces by Marc Jenni do work:

Kind regards.

Montag, 28. April 2014

The Art of guilloché, improving my skills

On Saturday [my gift to myself for my birthday :)] I had the great honour to improve my guilloché skills at the atelier of Jochen Benzinger. Jochen Benzinger is one of the most well known master-guillocheur in the world. He is working with hundred years old rose engine turning and straight line engine turning machines! And yes, he does have an amazing collection of these guilloché machines. It is like if you are entering a beautiful museum when you are visiting Jochen Benzinger's atelier. When ever I do visit Jochen Benzinger it is really amazing to see the guilloché machines, to see when he is working on them and for sure pretty cool when I can work myself on this beautiful machines. The more, Jochen Benzinger is an amazing person, always taking time for chatting, explaning everything in the smallest details and the master behind his very special and extremely exclusive timepieces.

Atelier Benzinger

Guilloché is the evolution of the royal craft known as ornamental turnery. From these turning lathes watch artists developed beautiful guilloché machines the likes of which Abraham-Louis Breguet also cut his uniquely characteristic dials. Dials guilloché by hand remain unsurpassed in terms of their noble appearance to this day.This rare, historically meaningful art form can be found in all work done by Jochen Benzinger. The more Benzinger dials get finished with original Breguet frost, which is not used anymore nowadays at other brands due to highly cosuming time and as well the extremely complicated process of finishing.

Focusing on getting a Moirée guilloché done. Benzinger does use the Moirée design in his " Subskription Moirée V" watch for the dial.

Me working on one of Jochen Benzinger's rose engine turning machines

Getting a "Strahlen-guilloché" design finished

Working on the straight line engine turning machine

For me it is an outstanding honour to represent the timepieces made by Benzinger to my clients and a great honour to know this master guillocheur and great person!

Kind regards

Mittwoch, 16. April 2014

Christie's, May 12 in Geneve. Abraham-Louis Breguet sale

At the auction on May 12th in Geneve are as well some very interesting pocket watches by Abraham-Louis Breguet up for sale.

Breguet N° 3219, marine chronometer with 8 day movement and power reserve indication in a beautiful mahagony box. The movement is a chaine et fusée. This one was sold first on April 27 1819. Lot N° 289. Estimated 42 000€ - 67 000€

Breguet N° 3907, one of his famous "montre à souscription" with cylinder movement and central barrel. This watch was originally sold with a platinum case. The present silver and gold case as well as the enamel dial are later additions and not by Breguet. Lot N° 290. Estimated 8 400€ - 12 000€

Breguet N° 4601, "très petite montre à répétition très plate sur les principes des chronomètres". This one is a very special and extremely rare half quater repeater with date which is built very small with a diameter of 34.5mm and 39.5mm. It was first sold on 22 October 1829. Lot N° 291. Estimated 42 000€ - 67 000€

Breguet N° 4039, "répétition plate sur les principes des chronomètres". An extremely rare half quater repeating watch with date sold first on 30 September 1825 to the duc de Berwick. Lot N° 292. Estimated 59 000€ - 120 000€

Breguet N° 2783, "montre perpétuelle à répétition des minutes". This one is a very fine, beautiful and extremely rare minute repeating watch with automatic movement, power reserve indication and thermometer. This one for me personally is so much an elegant and really beautiful watch because of its engine turned dial and the perfectly designed indication of 48 hour power reserve and thermometer. Lot N° 293. Estimated 170 000€ - 330 000€

Breguet N° 1176, "montre garde-temps à tourbillon". This extremely rare and historically important pocket watch sold on 12 February 1809 with four minute tourbillon, échappement naturel, double subsidary seconds, power reserve and stop-seconds is really breathtaking. It features 2 of the main inventions made by Breguet, the tourbillon and the échappement naturel! The more it is the very first four minute tourbillon and only his third tourbillon watch ever made!  Lot N° 294. Estimated 500 000€ - 830 000€

Kind regards.

Montag, 14. April 2014

Christie's, May 12 in Geneve. Monster sale

At the auction on May 12 in Geneve there are so many absolutely rare Patek Philippe and A. Lange & Söhne timepieces up for sale, that I almost don't know where to start at. I gone give it a try by starting with the rare A. Lange & Söhne watches and then coming to the breathtaking Patek Philippe references.

A. Lange & Söhne Tourbillon pour le Mérite is in itself already a really rare watch, but this one is the definition of rarity. It is the only one cased in white gold in combination with a black dial! A. Lange & Söhne produced 18 white gold with blue dial, 15 red gold with black dial and 116 in yellow gold. So isn't this beautiful Tourbillon pour le Mérite a holy grail? Lot N° 392. Estimated 130 000€ - 210 000€

A. Lange & Söhne introduced their Lange 1 watch in 1994 of the new area and this very special and extremely rare "Lange 1 steel" was made in 1998 and sold through Rüschenbeck in Germany. And yes, it is cased in stainless steel! In 20 years there were not even a handful of this steel watches offered to public! This watch is only the fourth offered at an auction! Lot N° 386. Estimated 67 000€ - 120 000€

A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1A, which was limited to 100 pieces and this is number 100/100. This one was made in 1998 and comes with it beautifully guilloché yellow gold dial cased in yellow gold. Lot N° 387. Estimated 34 000€ - 50 000€

A. Lange & Söhne time zone cased in platinum. For me personally the time zone is a beautifully designed watch. With all the information given on the dial, the watch is still very discreet and doesn't look like being overloaded. This one is no limited version or special edition but an overall good looking watch. Lot N° 385. Estimated 21 000€ - 29 000€

Patek Philippe Ref. 130 yellow gold with Breguet numerals made in 1943. Lot N° 313. Estimated 34 000€ - 50 000€

Patek Philippe Ref. 130 made in 1942. This one is very special because the dial has never seen cosmectic enhancement and the case is still in perfect condition with very sharp edges. Lot N° 185. Estimated 84 000€ - 120 000€

Patek Philippe Ref. 198'095 made in 1927. This one is an very important and probably unique platinum minute repeater made for Henry Graves Jr.! The case is beautifully cushion-shaped and the dial does have Breguet numerals. The coat of arms in engraved on the back. Lot N° 101. Estimated 1 000 000€ - 1 500 000€

Patek Philippe Ref. 565 made in 1945 cased in stainless steel. This one comes with a very special dial layout and it is known that only four other examples of ref. 565 are fitted with this layout and were offered to public! Lot N° 180. Estimated 25 000€ - 42 000€

Patek Philippe Ref. 565 made in 1954. Cased in stainless steel and is believed to be the only example of a last series 565 in stainless steel retailed by Freccero. Lot N° 49. Estimated 13 000€ - 21 000€

Patek Philippe Ref. 570 made in 1950. This combination with stainless steel case and dial layout is the only one of three examples known to date! Lot N° 50. Estimated 25 000€ - 42 000€

Patek Philippe Ref. 1463 made in 1958. This very special reference 1463 comes with a very nice dial never seen before and is signed with the prestigious Hausmann signature! Lot N° 438. Estimated 67 000€ - 100 000€

Patek Philippe Ref. 1463 made in 1952. It is not enough that this super rare reference 1463 is cased in rose gold, no, it does have as well a two-tone dial and comes in an incredible perfect condition! Lot N° 58. Estimated 130 000€ - 210 000€

Patek Philippe Ref. 1463 made in 1942. This super rare stainless steel reference was sold to Mr. Caran d'Ache which is confirmed by letter of Patek Philippe dated from June 15th 1995! Lot N° 181. Estimated 150 000€ - 250 000€

Patek Philippe Ref. 1463 made in 1969. This beautiful 3rd series references 1463 comes with the Tiffany & Co. signature and a case which shows no signs of any cosmetic intervention! Lot N° 281. Estimated 130 000€ - 210 000€

Patek Philippe Ref. 1518 made in 1942. This is an exceptional and highly important reference 1518 which comes with the "CALENDRIER PERPÉTUEL" mark on the dial above the day and month window! Lot N° 376. Estimated 410 000€ - 650 000€

Patek Philippe Ref. 1579 made in 1952. This "spider lugs" example comes in the rare rose gold case and in an overall very good condition. Lot N° 322. Estimated 67 000€ - 100 000€

Patek Philippe Ref. 2497 made in 1953. This rare example of an 2497 was aquired by the Swiss retailer Chronometrie Beyer which can be recognized by looking at the german calendar indications. Lot N° 54. Estimated 84 000€ - 120 000€

Patek Philippe Ref. 2499 made in 1963. This 3rd series example of reference 2499 comes in perfect condition and is cased in yellow gold. Lot N° 326. Estimated 170 000€ - 250 000€

Patek Philippe Ref. 2499 made in 1976. This yellow gold 3rd series ref. 2499 comes in an overall good condition. Lot N° 100. Estimated 150 000€ - 250 000€

Patek Philippe Ref. 2526 made in 1955. This is only the second example of ref. 2526 known with pink dial and luminous numerals which makes this watch extremely rare. Lot N° 96. Estimated 42 000€ - 58 000€

Patek Philippe Ref. 2526 made in 1954. One of two known examples of reference 2526 combining enamel dial with arabic hour markers12, 3, 9 and baton numerals! This one is in pink gold the other one in yellow gold. Lot N° 93. Estimated 34 000€ - 50 000€

Patek Philippe Ref. 2526 made in 1955. This beautiful 2526 comes with a "Ponti Gennari" bracelet. Lot N° 51. Estimated 17 000€ - 25 000€

Patek Philippe Ref. 2597 made in 1958. This rare "travel time" 2597 of the first version comes in very good condition. Lot N° 38. Estimated 42 000€ - 58 000€

Patek Philippe Ref. 3448/15 made in 1977. This extremely rare reference 3448 with variation "/15" which stands for the addictional soldered on the case bracelet is one of only nine known examples! The more it is the only one of three examples with the same "crisscross" bracelet! Lot N° 190. Estimated 67 000€ - 120 000€

Patek Philippe Ref. 3448 made in 1972. This is a very beautiful early generation reference 3448 which comes with the pearly minute markers and smaller numerals for the date indication. The early examples are rarer than their later sister. Lot N° 62. Estimated 67 000€ - 120 000€

Patek Philippe Ref. 3450/4 made in 1983. This very special reference 3450/4 is the only one with this particular bracelet texture and this exact reference number! There are only four examples known with integrated bracelet. Lot N° 439. Estimated 120 000€ - 210 000€

Patek Philippe Ref. 3450 "Prototype" made in 1981. This is an extremely rare reference 3450 without the opening of the leap year. The more, the case is a way different to the "normal" 3450, this one is thinner! A prototype watch specially engineered and designed by Patek Philippe. Lot N° 440. Estimated 210 000€ - 290 000€

And well, what about the prices? They are going to fly high! I will publish the results right after the auction.

Kind regards.

Montag, 7. April 2014

Benzinger "Zeitmaschine II" wristshot

Dear watch aficionado.

Today I present you a wristshot of the superb Benzinger "Zeitmaschine II" chronograph. The detailed description with more live photos you can find under the following link:

Benzinger "Zeitmaschine II" live photos + description

Kind regards.

Samstag, 5. April 2014

Benzinger "Zeitmaschine II"

Dear watch aficionado.

Today I present you the very special Zeitmaschine II by Benzinger. This very exclusive chronograph comes with an in-house modified movement which contains the decentered minutes and hours towards 4 o'clock. Small seconds at 9 o'clock and the chrono minutes at 12 and chrono seconds from the center.

The dial is perfectly hand-guilloché which is for this dial very difficult because of its 3 sub-dials! The more, the hour/minutes indication, small seconds and chrono minutes do have a different pattern then the main dial. The pattern of the sub-dials is called "Strahlenguilloché" and the pattern of the main dial is called "Kornguilloché".

The more the dial is finished with original Breguet frost! The complete finish of the dial takes about 2 days of pure craftsmanship!

The movement is completely hand-guilloché, hand-engraved and hand-skeletonized! Finished with platinum blue and the rotor is hand-finished (guilloché, engraving and skeletonized) with the coat of arms of Benzinger in 18kt 750/000 gold.

This master timepiece can be personalized as all the watches by Benzinger. Therefor I include you the link to my Facebook gallery of custom-made watches by Benzinger and the article of how a custom timepiece is created:

Benzinger unique timepieces gallery
Article about Benzinger of how a custom-made timepiece by Benzinger is created

The more, you can create your very own Watch Etui to protect your watch:

Watch Etui 1, gallery

For requests and orders, I warmly invite you to contact me by e-mail on the following address:

Kind regards.