Montag, 29. April 2019

Details of different dials

Dear watch aficionado.

Herewith I do show you some details on different dials. It is always interesting to look at these different watches with their details, especially the dials are always worth to take a much closer look.

Rolex 6542 Serpico Y Laino. Very rare to find with the Serpico Y Laino signature and matching correct caseback signed S&L Acero. This one has an aftermarket bezel. Still super rare and nice 6542 example.

 Rolex 6238 with black dial. These are getting more and more sought after and to find them in great conditon is very hard.

Rolex 6239 double swiss underline. To find these with all the details that a real 6239 double swiss underline need to have is very rare. This example even retained its original bracelet.

Rolex 6239 Newman. The real Newman of all the Newmans. A must have in every high class Rolex collection.

Rolex 6265. This is a very early example from 1971 with a uniquely aged tropical dial (sub dials).

Rolex 6265 Big Red. This is a pefect preserved Rolex 6265 Big Red and they are hard to find in this excellent condition.

Rolex 6105 with pink gold case and black dial. These is a sublime timepiece, rare to find in all original and nice condition.

Rolex 1680 Red Submariner. This is a MK5 Red Sub.

Rolex 1675 Long E. Nice and perfectly preserved Rolex GMT with the Long E dial.

Rolex 1675 gilt. Perfectly preserved Rolex GMT with the gilt dial. They are hard to find in sublime condition.

Rolex 1016 Explorer. Rare to find early Explorer from 1960 in excellent condition with papers.

Patek Philippe 3429 in white gold. There are only 16 known of this example in white gold and this might be the earliest.

Patek Philippe 2584 yellow gold with black dial. Only two known and this one is in NOS condition. 36mm case and the legendary 12-600 movement

Patek Philippe 605HU. This is the only Heures univerlles known with its original box, certificat d'origine and description.

Patek Philippe 600P. Platinum case and diamond set dial with its original box. In excellent condition, these are very rare to find.

Patek Philippe 530 Pink Gold. In excellent condition and the only know with a double Geneva seal on the movement. Which was normally only used for Chronometer pocket watches.

Patek Philippe 2499 yellow gold 3rd series. These are as well very hard to find in great condition and becoming more and more sought after.

Kind regards.