Samstag, 11. Juli 2015

Patek Philippe and Longines @ Boule Monaco auction on July 30

For the upcoming auction at Boule Monaco I made a choice of two watches from the catalogue. The first I chose is a rare to find Patek Philippe 2422 in platinum. The intersting thing about this example is the engraving in the caseback: "A mon meilleur ami" with the signature of the person who offered this watch to his friend. For me an outstanding good looking watch. The more it was made for only about 10 years started its production from 1946. I like the design of it with its spider lugs, which can be found as well on the legendary 1579 chronographe (a superb example of the 1579 signed Hausmann & Co can be bought at my boutique here) Lot N° 1067, Estimated 8 000€ - 12 000€.

The second timepiece that I chose is this great Longines chronographe from around 1940's cased in yellow gold and with a superb looking two tone champagne/blue dial. The interesting thing about this chronographe is that it does have a fly back function. (Longines vintage watches that can be bought at my boutique here) Lot N° 1272, Estimated 4 000€ - 5 000€.

I warmly invite you as well to have a look at the vintage corner of my boutique with the watches in my offer:!vintage/cj08

Kind regards.
(photos by Boule Monaco)

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