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Andersen Genève

Svend Andersen, genius watchmaker and co-founder of the world famous AHCI, born in 1942 in Danemark. For me it is a really great honour to represent the highly exclusive and super rare timepieces made by Svend Andersen. The more he is really a great person and he always gives me his advices if I do need so.

When he finished the watchmaking school he went to Switzerland in 1963. First he worked for Gubelin Lucern and then in 1965 he joined Gubelin Genève. After that he joined Patek Philippe, atelier de complications, in 1969 and worked for Patek until 1979 when he launched his own workshop.

His first creation was the famous "Communication" timepiece and from there on, he invented some of the most complex watches.

Timepieces by Svend Andersen (I won't write some philosophic text, I prefer to let the pictures talk):

The Grande Jour et Nuit, limited to 50 pieces (30 red gold, 20 white gold):

The Perpetuel Secular Calender, this very special and in the world unique piece is programmed for the next 400 years! So it is a real perpetuel calendar:

The Montre à Tact by Svend Andersen for the modern wristwatch is an homage to the famous "montre à tact" made by Abraham Louis Breguet. It is a limited series of 30 pieces and they can be all personalized:

The Kamar is a very special watch with its large moonphase at 12 o'clock. This watch is limited to 50 pieces (30 red gold, 20 white gold):

The Quotidiana lets you reflect over the day, over the time. The center of the blue gold is engraved with the symbols and the names of the seven days of the weeks. It turns over the whole day, once a week:

The Eros by Svend Andersen, comes in 3 different sized. The Eros 38.5mm diameter, The Eros XL 42mm diameter and the Eros 69 in 46x42mm:

The 1884 Worldtime, which was a limited edition of 120 pieces and there is only 1 left in platine! This timepiece is an homage to Sir Sandford Fleming:

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All the best.

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