Freitag, 1. Mai 2015

Polishing tools by Haldiman Horology

Polishing tools in front of the tourbillon cage by Haldiman Horology. These polishing tools are used by Beat Haldimann to polish by hand for example the tourbillon cage. It takes more than a week to polish the complete tourbillon cage by hand!

It is this what is so fascinating to me about these highly exclusive independent watchmakers. Every time when I am visiting these genious watchmakers in their ateliers it is like entering a different world. This is what watchmaking is about, passion, dedication, skills and perfection.

For requests and orders I warmly invite you to send me an e-mail on the following address:

More watches and photos as well at the independent corner on my website of my boutique Watch Collector:!haldimann/c22bw

Kind regards.

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