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NEW available ----> Tissot - cloisonné émail "The Americas" by Cadran Stern

Dear watch aficionado.

Watches with cloisonné émail dials made by Cadran Stern belong to the most sought after timepieces for every high-class collector, as this superb Tissot "The Americas". There is as well no difference in the quality of the émail used for this Tissot and f.ex the famous "Caravelle" by Rolex or the Patek Philippe 605HU. The only difference is probably the price, the Rolex "Caravelle" and Patek Philippe 605HU are into the 7 digits whereas this Tissot "The Americas" is available into the 5 digits at my boutique

The more, the present example comes with a copy of the original Cadran Stern prototype painting which adds even more value to this watch. And there were only 2 examples with "The Americas" made for Tissot (as one can see on the extract from the original order book of Cadran Stern). Interesting to note is that researches indicated that there were 6 Rolex timepieces made with "The Americas" émail dial by Cadran Stern, but different in a different design.

Made in 1951, by the famous émailleuse Mrs Koch, one can only imagine how many hours of pure craftsmanship it took to handicraft this dial. When you take a look at the present example, you will notice that the dial is completely émail finished, so to say to the borders of the dial and this adds as well more difficulties in production for the émailleuse to get a perfect result. Compared for example to the famous Rolex Caravelle and others, on which you have the émail only in the center of the dial (that dial is a combination of champlevé and cloisonné). I do personally love when the dial is finished as the present one, it adds more presence to it, more character, more charm, simply breathtaking.

On the photo, left side, you can see the original painting by Mrs Koch, Cadran Stern, with the N°14 which corresponds to the information in the original Cadran Stern order book. As mentioned before, the watch comes with a copy of the original painting and a copy of the original order book which adds tremendous value to the watch and which certainly is a great testimony of its originality. On the photo underneath you can see an extract from the original Cadran Stern order book with different information, including N°14 which corresponds to the original painting, 3/4 which corresponds to the 12/3/9 o'clock Arabic hour indexes, the indexes are made of 18kt gold, etc....

The colors on the dial are simply mesmerizing and striking. A real piece of art and pure craftsmanship! Depending on how the light falls into the dial, you will see completely different shades of the different colors.

On the wrist, this watch has an extraordinary presence. Those colors of the émail are simply sublime. With 33mm in diameter one could think that it is a small watch, but this is not the fact. As the dial is completely émaillé to the borders and thanks to the design of the case, this watch wears bigger. The 14kt yellow gold case fits perfect with the émail dial and the "corne de vache" lugs do add a lot of character to it.

This superb timepiece is available at my boutique, requests can be made as well directly by e-mail onto

Kind regards.

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