Donnerstag, 14. September 2023

Urban Jürgensen reference 2 yellow gold for sale -----> at Bonhams (Rasmussen) on September 19th

 Dear watch aficionado.

There will be an Urban Jürgensen reference 2 in yellow gold coming up for sale at Bonhams (Rasmussen), Lot 423, on September 19th.

The watch comes with its box and blank certificate. The watch itself seems to have spent some time on the wrist and undergone at least one service (as one can see by the mark inside caseback), but this is certainly an example that you can easily put on your wrist without being scared to put another scratch into it. The more it comes at a very low estimate of 16 000€ - 20 000€ and maybe you will not get another chance to get a UJS ref2 at such a low price level.

Here are some additional photos and a video of this example, which Frederik from Rasmussen did send to me... thanks for that.

Hope you like it.

Kind regards.

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