Dienstag, 29. Oktober 2013

Benzinger unique "Half-skeleton La Belle"

There are many mechanical watches on the market. Most of them need not be mentioned, some however, are worth being remembered. That is exactly what Benzinger wanted to achieve with this half-skeleton version in rose gold. The first custom-made movement Benzinger refined was for Martin Braun's "La Belle". Benzinger has once again built this watch for a todays customer in a more modern form. A homage to great watchmaking craft!

  • 18kt rose gold case with diameter of 42mm, screwed-in strap lugs
  • hand-guilloché dial with view to the open spring barrel and with the original "Breguet" frost finish
  • flame-blued, leaf-shaped hands
  • hand-engraved, hand-guilloché and hand-skeletonized manual winding movement
  • flame-blued screws
  • hand-sewed alligator leather strap with hand-made buckle in 750/000 18kt rose gold

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