Dienstag, 15. Oktober 2013

Marc Jenni presenting his "Arch" collection

The "Ach" collection by Marc Jenni, each one inspired by the four seasons comprises of the "Snowflake" with its white alligator strap, the "Spring Haze" with its light green and yellow overtones, "Sunburst" representing Summer with vivid red, and finally, with autumnal shades of ochre and light browns the "Indian Summer" version.

Only the knowing wearer will fully appreciate the aesthetic and cosmetic benefits of her Arch, recalling the pitfalls of manipulating a crown with her expensively manicured nails. But a man would never consider important matters such as these...

Arch "Snowflake"
Arch "Springhaze"

Arch "Sunburst"
Arch "Indian Summer"

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