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Thomas Prescher, Haute Horlogerie

Dear watch aficionado.

Today I will introduce you to the exclusive watches made by Thomas Prescher.

Thomas Prescher is a genious about highly complicated watches and so he made some very glorious inventions. Always fascinated by watches and the micro-mechanics that come with the watches, he started his apprenticeship at IWC (they offered only a single position) and finished it 3 years later, you have to know that the normal apprenticeship takes 4 years, as the years top student.

The way to his own work-shop for haute horlogerie took him after finishing the apprenticeship at IWC to Audemars Piguet's German service center and then to Gübelin in Lucern where he specialized in the restoration of rare antique and complicated watches (John Arnold, Abraham Louis Breguet, Thomas Earnshaw, Ferdinand Adolf Lange) and also the manufacture of custom-made timepieces. After an interludion at Progresswatch as assistant RND and director of production at Blancpain he founded his workshop. At this time he was already well known by collectors and so he started with his first "normal" watch called "Tempusvivendi".

Tempusvivendi Samurai

Tempusvivendi Falcon

Tempusvivendi Qatar

Tempusvivendi Russian Eagle
Tempusvivendi  American Eagle

Tempusvivendi Geisha

The Tempusvivendi shows the time by double retrograde complication. The display of the time can be chosen between continuously running or non-temporal resting position (pusher button). This can be seen better in the video above.

The symbol for the Tempusvivendi (Qatar, American Eagle, Russian Eagle, Samurai, Geisha, Falcon) can be replaced by a symbol that the customer wishes to have. The material for the case, dial, symbol, hands, indexes can be chosen as well by the customer. The diameter of the watch is 43mm or 39mm and does have a 40 hours power reserve. The engravings on this watch are all made by hand.

As an AHCI (Académie horlogère des créateurs indépendants) member candidate at Basel, Thomas Prescher released his Double Axis Tourbillon pocket watch and Double Axis Tourbillon wristwatch .

The Double Axis Tourbillon by Thomas Prescher is not only a "simple" double axis tourbillon, more than that, it is a flying tourbillon on both axis with an integrated constant force mechanism in the carriage! The movement is completely in house designed and constructed. As the Tempusvivendi, this watch can be completely personalized by using different materials, engravings, guilloché, indexes or hands. Example below.

And now? How to top the Double Axis flying Tourbillon with integrated constant force in the carriage? Yes, with the worlds first Triple Axis flying Tourbillon with the integrated constant force mechanism in the carriage. And so he did! And believe me, the result is breathtaking! Beautifully designed and the focus on the triple axis tourbillon!

And here as well a different version of the Triple Axis flying Tourbillon "regulator". To show you what is possible to be made.

And after his triple axis tourbillon, Thomas Prescher released the Myterious Automatic Double Axis flying Tourbillon!

The Mysterious Automatic Double Axis flying Tourbillon is the first tourbillon ever combining the automatic movement with constant force mechanism in the carriage. As well it features a first implemented calendar in the oscillating weight, a first automatic movement with horizontal rotating oscillating weight and the first automatic movement with upright standing main plates located on both sides of the movement! The movement is completely developed and made in-house! It takes about 3 to 6 month to finish this tremendous timepiece!

The Sculptura Una does have the same mechanism as the Tempusvivendi but it features small seconds and is a bit more reserved in the design.

The famous Nemo collection by Thomas Prescher features the Nemo Sailor with a copper bronze case (or customers choice) and the Nemo Captain which features the outstanding Triple Axis flying Tourbillon (jumping hours, minutes indicated by the rotation of the tourbillon)!

Nemo Sailor

Nemo Sailor in house designed and manufactured oscillating weight

Nemo Captain

Nemo Captain movement

Oh yes, with all this superlatives I almost forgot to mention one more extraordinary timepiece by Thomas Prescher, the sublime Perpetual Calendar! Only making a normal perpetual calendar would be too ordinary for Thomas Prescher. So he created a very special timepiece with the indications of the time and the calendar from the center! The indications do switch instantly, leap year at 6 o'clock. This watch can be personalized as well to the customers wishes!

Kind regards.

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