Dienstag, 4. März 2014

Benzinger "Zeitfenster"

Dear watch aficionado.

Today I present you the Benzinger "Zeitfenster". This one is a very discreet and interesting timepiece with its hand-guilloché dial and hand-skeletonized small seconds/hours/minutes it makes this watch very special. Through the opening you can see the perfectly finished main plate, hours wheel, minutes wheel train gear and the barillet. The main plate is finished with blue platinum and the rest with rose gold. You can see as well the initials skeletonized in the lever jumper.

Through the sapphire crystal back you can look at the breathtaking perfectly finished movement. It is completely hand-engraved, hand-guilloché and hand-skeletonized! The main plate is finished with blue platinum, and the rest of the movement with rose gold.

This master timepiece can be personalized as all the watches made by Benzinger. For this, I include the link to my Facebook gallery of custom-made watches by Benzinger:

Benzinger unique timepieces gallery

The more, you can create your very own watch etui to protect your watch:

Watch Etui 1, gallery

For requests and orders you can send me an e-mail on the following e-mail address: info@watchcollector.lu

Kind regards.

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