Mittwoch, 30. April 2014

Marc Jenni, 2 new WDT models

Marc Jenni, the genious watchmaker behind the brand "Marc Jenni" and inventor of his crownless style timepieces released at Basel two new models of his Prologue WDT collection, the P05 & P06.

l. to r.: P06, P03, P04, P05

In comparison to the P03 & P04 these new models are brighter with its white dial for the P05 and the copper style dial for the P06. The case comes with 44mm in stainless steel. As well both models do feature the crownless setting mechanism of the time, date and wind. By selecting with the pusher button at 4 o'clock you can choose between the options W(ind), D(ate) or T(ime). And than with the ring that turns around the complete case you can set the Time, set the Date or wind your watch!



The following video shows you how the timepieces by Marc Jenni do work:

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