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Christie's, May 12 in Geneve. Abraham-Louis Breguet sale

At the auction on May 12th in Geneve are as well some very interesting pocket watches by Abraham-Louis Breguet up for sale.

Breguet N° 3219, marine chronometer with 8 day movement and power reserve indication in a beautiful mahagony box. The movement is a chaine et fusée. This one was sold first on April 27 1819. Lot N° 289. Estimated 42 000€ - 67 000€

Breguet N° 3907, one of his famous "montre à souscription" with cylinder movement and central barrel. This watch was originally sold with a platinum case. The present silver and gold case as well as the enamel dial are later additions and not by Breguet. Lot N° 290. Estimated 8 400€ - 12 000€

Breguet N° 4601, "très petite montre à répétition très plate sur les principes des chronomètres". This one is a very special and extremely rare half quater repeater with date which is built very small with a diameter of 34.5mm and 39.5mm. It was first sold on 22 October 1829. Lot N° 291. Estimated 42 000€ - 67 000€

Breguet N° 4039, "répétition plate sur les principes des chronomètres". An extremely rare half quater repeating watch with date sold first on 30 September 1825 to the duc de Berwick. Lot N° 292. Estimated 59 000€ - 120 000€

Breguet N° 2783, "montre perpétuelle à répétition des minutes". This one is a very fine, beautiful and extremely rare minute repeating watch with automatic movement, power reserve indication and thermometer. This one for me personally is so much an elegant and really beautiful watch because of its engine turned dial and the perfectly designed indication of 48 hour power reserve and thermometer. Lot N° 293. Estimated 170 000€ - 330 000€

Breguet N° 1176, "montre garde-temps à tourbillon". This extremely rare and historically important pocket watch sold on 12 February 1809 with four minute tourbillon, échappement naturel, double subsidary seconds, power reserve and stop-seconds is really breathtaking. It features 2 of the main inventions made by Breguet, the tourbillon and the échappement naturel! The more it is the very first four minute tourbillon and only his third tourbillon watch ever made!  Lot N° 294. Estimated 500 000€ - 830 000€

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  1. Auction results:
    Lot N° 289: 69 826€
    Lot N° 290: 8 728€
    Lot N° 291: 87 282€
    Lot N° 292: 71 879€
    Lot N° 293: 201 262€
    Lot N° 294: 674 432€


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