Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2014

Marc Jenni, the way of his new in-house movement. Pt3

Marc Jenni: "Back to the movement manufacturing project...! Prior to start the manufacturing process I need to convert the 3D drawings into a 2D adaptation for the CNC machine.

You can already see the wheel train recess and the global shape of the main plate. Before machining the main plate - the 3D drawing needs to be converted to a usable DXF file. As you can see, I will start with shaping the outside of the plate as well as the positions of the wheel train.

Who says 2D is old fashion? I need this format to switch from the PC to the CNC station... By the way, the circles and lines need to be configured the way I can program later on the CNC machine. This adds additional work, which I gain later on when the machine works for me.

Kind regards.

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