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Haldimann Horology


Beat Haldimann, the genius watchmaker behind "Haldimann Horology" and creator of his beautiful and mindblowing timepieces. All the timepieces are coming with the legendary and discreet design made by Beat Haldimann to set perfectly the highly complicated tourbillons into scene.

Beat Haldimann was born in 1964 and established "Haldimann Horology" already in 1991 at the age of 27 years. He earned his money with the restoration of antique watches and the more he signed a contract with a well known brand over 10 years. For this brand, which name he keeps in secret, Beat Haldimann developed movements with highly complications. This contract included as well, that it was not permitted to Beat to create his own watches. But he could still develop his famous Regulators. The first one he showed at Basel on the stand of the AHCI in 2000, it was his famous double Regulator Resonance.

Now we are coming to his splendid watches. All the Haldimann watches do come with the Haldimann escapement and the only parts which are not produced in his atelier is the crystal sapphire, the strap and the spirals! I will let the pictures speak for themself!

H1, released in 2002:

H2 RESONANCE, released in 2005:

H8, released in 2008:

H9, released in 2009:

H11, released in 2013:

More details about Haldimann you can find on my homepage: Haldimann Horology

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