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RR auction -----> Richard Gordon's N°20 gold Speedmaster & Andrey Borisenko's 164 days in space Speedmaster

  Dear watch aficionado.

There are again two very interesting Omega Speedmaster's coming up for sale at RR auction on April 25th. 

One of these Speedmaster's up for sale is the N°20 of Astronaut Richard Gordon. The first 28 examples were released known as the "Tribute to Astronauts", N°1 was reserved for President Richard Nixon, N°2 for Vice President Spiro Theodore Agnew and the following 26 examples for the Austronauts. This example is accompanied by its box, an insurance appraisal (with quite a very low value of 31 000$) and most important by a signed letter of Richard Gordon himself. Herewith is the direct link to the auction. At the time when I wrote this article, the bids were at 47 084$. It will be interesting to see for how much the Richard Gordon N°20 will be sold for, as the Wally Schirra N°8 sold for almost 2 Million $ (of which I wrote as well on my blogg)on October 20 2022, the Gus Grissom N°4 for 375000$ and the Alan Bean N°26 for 302 500$ on April 20 2023. And the Michael Collins N°19 was sold at Heritage auctions for 765 000$ on June 2nd 2022.


The more, RR auction do have the Andrey Borisenko Speedmaster Professional up for sale which spent 164 in Space on the International Space Station ISS. It is accompanied by the box, instruction manual, guarantee card, signed photograph of Andrey Borisenko and a signed letter by the cosmonaut. The watch was used on the ISS by cosmonaut Borisenko on mission 27/28 in 2011, which was as well the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gargarin's historic flight. At the time I wrote this article the bids were at 9 435$. It will be interesting to see for how much this watch will be sold... another comparable piece is probably the Astronaut Rick Mastracchio Speedmaster Professional which spent 188 days on the ISS, mission 38/39, and sold for 55 000$ on October 15 2020 at RR auction.


*photos are by RR auction

Kind regards.

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