Dienstag, 18. November 2014

NEW: Benzinger Subskription VIII reverse

The newly introduced Subskription VIII reverse by Jochen Benzinger comes in a different design with the hours and minutes decentered towards 3 o'clock and the XII hour is marked in red. The base movement is a Unitas 6497 and rebuild in-house to get the decentered hours and minutes. The small seconds at 9 o'clock are opened which gives you a look at the beautifully hand-finished movement. 

The dial is completely hand-guilloché and does wear the original Breguet frost, which is a highly complicated treatment that is not used these days anymore and was invented by Abraham Louis Breguet to protect the Sterling silver.

The movement is completely hand-guilloché, hand-engraved and hand-skeletonized. The main plate comes with a platinum blue finish and the "pont de barillet", the "pont du train de rouage" and the balance coq do come with a rose gold / rhodié finish. The roue the couronne and the rochet are hand skeletonized and flame blued the same as the screws.

The watch fits perfectly on the wrist with its 42mm in diameter.

As for every timepiece made by Jochen Benzinger, there is a huge amount of hours of craftsmanship to finish a timepiece. To give you an idea, I recommend you to read my article about the way of a unique timepiece by Benzinger and to have a look at his video:

For requests and orders, I warmly invite you to send me an e-mail on the following address: info@watchcollector.lu

More Benzinger timepiece you can find on my website of my boutique Watch Collector: http://www.watchcollector.lu/#!benzinger/c1uup

All the best.

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