Dienstag, 9. Dezember 2014

Haas Neveux & Cie, Gübelin and Patek Philippe @ Sotheby's December 10

Here are my picks for the upcoming auction at Sotheby's December 10:

I do really like those pocket watches with minute repeater and so I do love this rare and beautiful Haas Neveux & Cie made in 1920 yellow gold case. The watch is in an overall good condition. Lot N°176, Estimated 8 000 $ - 12 000 $.

For this Haas Neveux & Cie I like the simplicity of the dial with Breguet numerals and hands. The shape of the bridges of these old pocket watch movements is something I love really much. This one was made in 1900. Lot N° 275, Estimated 2 500 $ - 3 500 $.

I like this Gübelin jumping hour made in 1935, the design of the dial and case are really beautiful. The case comes in white gold. The watch is in an overall good condition. Lot N° 178, Estimated 7 000 $ - 9 000 $.

If I would have to chose a vintage Patek Philippe timepiece, it would be the iconic 1518 even before the 2499. This one is made in 1950, arabic numerals and yellow gold case. Lot N° 115, Estimated 150 000 $ - 200 000 $.

I invite you as well to have a look at my vintage corner on my website of my boutique, some rare and beautiful timepieces are waiting there!

All the best.
(photos by Sotheby's)

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  1. Results of the auction:

    Lot N°176 - not sold
    Lot N°275 - not sold
    Lot N°178 - 8750 $
    Lot N°115 - 245 000 $

    All the best.


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