Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2015

Guilloché lessons @ the atelier of Jochen Benzinger

The guilloché lessons do continue. Yesterday was one hell of a good day, could spend from early morning to late evening the whole day in the atelier of Jochen Benzinger with progressing my guilloché skills.

I did try to get an "exercise" dial done [well, I need a lot more of practising ;)] Therefore I fixed a brass blank onto the support and I firstly finished the small seconds with a sun guilloché and then the main dial as well with a sun guilloché centered to the small seconds which gives an outstanding appearance to the dial.

I can say that we had some good fun that day! This video shows it ;)

And yes, I had lunch too:

Proudly presenting the final result with Jochen Benzinger:

I am so thankful that I may go for all of these great, outstanding experiences and this makes my greatest journey so terrific. 

I am so thankful for the support I get from Jochen Benzinger, Marc Jenni, Beat Haldimann, Svend Andersen, John and Stephen McGonigle, Markus Döttling, because without their great support I could not live this dream!

As well special thanks to my parents, because without their selflessness support I would not even had been able to take a step in the direction I am walking at the moment. Where ever this direction will take me, it is awesome and it will always be. Because having the greatest passion as a job is the best thing on earth!

All the best.

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