Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2016

Louis Vuitton 1960s watch/briefcase

Dear watch aficionado.

I am very proud and happy, to inform you that from now on this superb Louis Vuitton briefcase from 1960s, that I transformed into a modular watch case, is available at my boutique:

This is an extraordinary Louis Vuitton briefcase from the 1960s in superb condition, which I modified with a modular system to a highly exclusive watchcase. The briefcase in itself is of sublime quality and in perfect condition. When you take a look at the pictues how beautifully the leather of the briefcase has aged over the last almost 60 years, sublime patina on the leather and on the brass work over the entire case. A real feat to the eyes! The more, this case was always used with its protective cover on the handle and as a result the original handle from the 1960s looks still like brand new! 

Now we come to the modular system that I developed especially for this case. All of the 5 modules and the pouche are handmade of finest Alcantara by a firm in Germany who does produce as well special interior designs for Porsche and Mercedes! All of the 5 modules can be taken out of the case, so to use it only as briefcase. I chose this methode, because only like this there are no damages caused to the original case and the briefcase in itself will be left all original. Now you can chose as well to take only 1 module and use the reat of the space as briefcase. Same with 2, 3 or 4 modules. The more, I developed this special pouche, which is detachable from the band, so that you have enough space for credit cards, business cards, pens, gloves, loupes,.... 

This is a highly exclusive, unique and extraordinary Louis Vuitton 1960s watchcase/briefcase for the gentlemen who loves to travel in style. 

I warmly invite you to make your request by e-mail on the following e-mail address:

Kind regards.

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