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Sotheby's July 7 ----> The Celebration of the English Watch Part II

Dear watch aficionado.

When I first opened the printed catalogue of the upcoming auction by Sotheby's on July 7 in London "The Celebration of the English Watch Part II", my heart stopped beating immediately and this in a very positive way. A catalogue full of real treasures made by legendary watchmakers John Harrison, Thomas Earnshaw, John Arnold, Thomas Mudge, Charles Frodsham or Josiah Emery is so unreal that one could not even believe when taking a look at this amazing catalogue! I mean, to have the chance to buy at one auction a dozen and more historical important timepieces that do really have museum character won't come that many times on top of the page in a lifetime! This is really one of the most amazing catalogues I have seen in the last time and the work that Sotheby's did put in this sublime offer can't be counted in hours, that is for sure!

Not only the rarity, historical importance and museum character that is offered in this sale, but as well the quality of each timepiece offered makes it a serious once in a lifetime chance for important gentlemen collectors to acquire some very very important timepieces at one sale. And so to fulfill and complete their outstanding collections.

This is pure beauty, this is watch history, this is amazing quality, this is simply outstanding. While writing these sentences I get so excited, oh yes, this is real watchmaking! I did not know which watches to chose for my picks, I would have taken the whole catalogue, but sometimes in your life you have to make choices and so I did pick 6 timepieces out of the catalogue. I won't write down great descriptions now for every timepiece, because I am quite sure that all my readers do know the importance of these watches. And so I just wanted to write down my feelings for a breathtaking offer like this one completed by Sotheby's! This is simply said, a breathtaking offer!

Lot 28, Thomas Mudge, possibly earliest perpetual calendar from circa 1762. Only one other exists, number 574, the present is number 525. Estimated 50 000£ - 60 000£.


Lot 37, John Barton, portait watch of John Harrison, who was recognized very late in 1772 as the man who solved the Longitude problem after seeking the help of King George III.

Lot 38, John Arnold. The only known pivoted detent chronometer with double S balance to have been survived in its original state! Estimated 130 000£ - 150 000£.

Lot 39, Thomas Earnshaw signed Thomas Wright. The only known spring detent chronometer from Thomas Earnshaw, signed by Thomas Wright! Estimated 250 000£ - 300 000£.

Lot 41, Josiah Emery. Successor of Thomas Mudge, this is the third earliest and in all complete condition lever escapement made by Josiah Emery! Estimated 100 000£ - 200 000£.

Lot 77, Charles Frodsham. two day chronometer with wooden deck box, probably sold to a private yacht owner for competitive yacht racing. Estimated 30 000£ - 50 000£.


Direct access to the online catalogue by Sotheby's, click here.

Big thanks to the team of Sotheby's for the photos and their nice contact!

Kind regards.

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