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Christie's October 19 Dubai -----> My picks, PPC 591 pink on pink fresh to the market & RLX 6542 Bakelite yellow gold

Dear watch aficionado.

For the upcoming auction in Dubai by Christie's on October 19, there are two watches up for sale that I really like and that I would like to present to you.

First of all, I would like to start with one of my favorite Patek Philippe chronographs ever made, the legendary and extraordinarely rare 591. Always when one of this chronographs is coming up for sale, my heart starts beating quite faster then at a normal rate. Especially when the timepiece is in extraordinary and original condition like the present, plus that superb combination of pink gold case and pink/salmon dial (confirmed by the extract). The present example is all fresh to the market and only had one owner before which turns this even more special. The dial is just simply a real feast to the eyes, engraved and then filled with enamel, it still looks after 74 years like the first day. And then there is the case, strong and crisp hallmarks and a sublime oxidation on the bezel. The combination of quality, originality, pink on pink and the fact that it had only one owner before turns this 591 to a really rare gem, well at least for me. Lot  N° 21. Estimated 45 000 USD - 75 000 USD.

The second watch that I would like to present you is this very nice Rolex 6542 Bakelite yellow gold with its beautiful brownish dial. I am a big fan of the 6542 and the yellow gold version with its brownish dial does give a very warm presence on the wrist. This example up for sale is really nice, a very strong case and the dial has a very nice and even patina. The interesting thing about is as well that it was last sold at Christie's New York auction in December 2014, when it fetched 112 500 USD. For me personally that is nothing negative that it was already at auction 2 years ago, because this is a very nice and strong example of the legendary 6542 Bakelite yellow gold. I am quite interested to see what it will make this time, 2 years later. Lot N° 71. Estimated 80 000 USD - 120 000 USD.

The online catalogue is available under the following link:

Kind regards.
(photos by Christie's)

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