Montag, 18. März 2019

4 different tropical shades

Dear watch aficionado.

Herewith I want to show you four different, legendary, tropical watches. The first one is a superb Patek Philippe 3700/1. Legendary Nautilus (the frist one, the only one, the true one) in really great condition, strong case, long bracelet. Then there is that dial, looking so beautiful and warm with the tropical shades, making this a unique 3700/1.

The second one is a legendary Rolex 6265 Daytona from 1971. Coming with a strong case, still retaining the correct MK2 pusher and those superb sub dials in different tropical shades. This is really a so cool looking 6265 Daytona and has a sublime presence on the wrist.

Another legendary reference is the Rolex 6542 GMT. Not only that this has a sublime tropical dial, but it wears as well the ultra rare Serpico Y Laino retailers signature. The more it retains as well the original caseback with the S&L Acero engraving. This 6542 comes all original, the only thing that it does miss is the original bakelite bezel. But hey, therefore is the price lower and you still get an amazing looking watch and that super rare Serpico Y Laino signature.

The fourth in the row is this amazing IWC 308 from 1942. The watch has aged really in an amazing way. As you can see, the dial has tropicalized in a uniform light brown color which gives this watch an amazing appearance and uniqueness. 

These four watches do show very well how different the tropical shades can be. All of them have aged naturally and each of them is unique with its own tropical shades. I do personally always love to see all those small differences, all those unique signs of aging. That is what makes it so interesting to collect vintage timepieces and to show my clients these small differences that makes each watch of these four special in its own way.

I warmly invite you to take a look as well at the website of my boutique for the current offer of vintage and independent timepieces.

Kind regards.

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