Donnerstag, 29. Juni 2017

NEW available at my boutique ----> Ulysse Nardin stainless steel monopusher, Breguet numerals 1937

Dear watch aficionado.

This is a sublime Ulysse Nardin monopusher chronograph from 1937 as confirmed by the extract from the archives is now available at my boutique 

The watch itself comes in overall great condition. With a superb dial, blue Tachymeter scale and black Breguet numerals which do add a sublime presence to the watch. The blued hands are original to the watch. The case is still in super strong condition, sharp and thick as on the first day when it left the factory. It comes as well with fixed bars between the lugs, most probably it was intendet for military use.
It is as well accompanied by an Ulysse Nardin box. This chronograph has a superb presence on the wrist and has so much character. A great chronograph for every distinguished gentlemen collector.

Kind regards.

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