Dienstag, 26. September 2017

NEW at my boutique ----> Patek Philippe 2441R Serpico Y Laino, perfect condition. Vintage at its very best.

Dear watch aficionado.

NEW available at my boutique this superb Patek Philippe 2441R Serpico Y Laino, perfect condition. Vintage at its very best.

I do love these Patek Philippe 2441 Eiffel Tower timepieces so much, their case design, the dial, those forms, simply beautiful and timeless. And when they do come, as the present example, fitted with a pink gold case, then my heart even beats faster. And when it is signed with the much sought after retailers signature Serpico Y Laino and in combination with extraordinary condition, well, then my heart stops beating. 

The present example got everything that every distinguished collector is looking for; rare pink gold case, super rare retailers signature, extraordinary condition. This is certainly vintage at its very best and certainly a great addition to every high level collection.

The case is as sharp as on the first day when it left the atelier in 1952, with a super strong and deep hallmark between the lugs and the S&Y and 18kt stemp on the caseback are full present and super sharp too. The dial, a real feast for the eyes too, has an engraved and enamel finished signature and small seconds. Plus the indexes do show a nice oxidation and the facets are still super sharp. One could describe this timepiece certainly as being in Mint condition.

I warmly invite you to take a look at the website of my boutique www.watchcollector.lu for my complete offer on vitage timepieces and independent timepieces.

Kind regards.

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