Montag, 4. September 2017

Rolex 6238 silver dial, perfect condition ----> at my boutique

Dear watch aficionado.

To find those watches in perfect condition is always a pretty tricky hunt. Everything need to match, the dial, the hands, the case and movement, etc...

Like for this amazing Rolex 6238 with its silver soleil dial which is available at my boutique The dial is perfect in a sense of nice patinated lume plots on the dial matching the lume on the hands (not always the case), the soleil finish is perfect as it left the factory on the first day and the printings are stricking beautiful.

 The case is super strong, sharp bezel, sharp and thick lugs and the engravings between the lugs are perfect. The movement is marked with the ROW import mark for the US market, which is as well always a nice feature on these Daytonas in my opinion. The watch is from 1964 and it comes on a later US riveted bracelet which is a nice adition to this perfectly preserved example.

To find these examples in perfect original condition is really hard and this one is certainly a great addition for every distinguished gentlemen collector.

Kind regards.

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