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Patek Philippe Chronometro Gondolo from 1912, historical important, unique

Dear watch aficionado.

This Patek Philippe Chronometro Gondolo from 1912 is a unique piece. It is the only Chronometro Gondolo in carré case with central seconds. 

The dial is completely gravé & émaillé finished in the early Patek Philippe style, the émail is very flat and not as on later wristwatches more elevated. These type of dials are very rare to find in its original condition. But the most important feature on this dial is the "- T SWISS T -"  signature at 6 o'clock. This signature has nothing to do with the tritium vintage dials as found f.ex. on vintage Rolex wristwatches! This signature stands for Maurice Thiévant who was the master engraver at cadran Stern and who apprenticed Henri Stern the craftsmanship of hand engraved and émaillé dials. Due to Mr. Maurice Thiévant we do find nowadays these beautiful finished dials on the vintage Patek Philippe timepieces, as Mr. Henri Stern was fascinated by this craftsmanship and so continued to produce the Stern dials in this highly complicated style after he learned the complexity from Mr. Thiévant. It was Roland Tile who confirmed this story. Roland Tile worked as well together with Mr. Thiévant at cadran Stern, he passed away end of last year.

Maurice Thiévant
extract from the book "Le Cadran" by Dr. Crott

extract from the book "Le Cadran" by Dr. Crott


The more, the case retains as well in its exceptional original condition with the beautiful engraving on the caseback, the original crown, without any signs of restauration.

This is a highly historical important timepiece from Patek Philippe, due to its story related to cadran stern and its uniqueness.
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Kind regards.

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