Montag, 13. April 2020

Details: Rolex 1016 from 1960, silver lining

Dear watch aficionado.

I do love these early Rolex 1016 Explorers. Especially when they come in great condition as the present example. A highly interesting detail is the "silver lining" dial. The minuterie, Rolex and SCOC signature are in silver color. This silver color scheme can only be found on the early 1016 examples. Later they have the "gilt" color scheme. These "silver lining" dials are rare to find.

 The more, these dials were made with the "épargne" technique (later dial "décalque"), which was a highly demanding technique for the dial maker to get a perfect result. This means, that first the base plate is "silvered" (later examples "gilted"), then polished, then the minuterie and Rolex Oyster Perpetual EXPLORER are protect by a special lacquer, then the dial is colored in a galvanic black bath. Later when the dial is dried, the protective lacquer of the minuterie and Rolex OPE is taken off so you can see the silver color from the base plate.

These early "silver lining" dial 1016s are rare to find, and even rarer in great condition.

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Kind regards.

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