Donnerstag, 9. April 2020

Lange 1 steel ---> up for sale at Crott auctions

Dear watch aficionado.

I have always been a big fan of Lange & Söhne watches. There are some Lange pieces that should be in every high class collection: an early Datograph from around 2000, a Dufour Datograph (named after the famous independent watch maker Phillipe Dufour, pink gold case black dial) and the legendary Lange 1 steel. For the latest, I had it on my radar already quite early as you can see in these articles from the past Crott auction 2014, Christie's 2014, Christie's 2016.

Regarding the last results of Lang 1 in steel, and the overall evolution of the price for these legendary timepieces, it might be not the worst idea to buy one as soon as you get the chance as to wait too long. The last one sold at Crott auctions went for 220 000€ (the most complete set that had been sold yet) and the one at Phillips, which was in NOS condition went for 340 000$.

Now I have seen that another Lange 1 steel comes up for sale at the next Crott auctions. This might give you the impression that you could find any day an example somewhere around the corner, but that is quite wrong. It is said that only around 20 examples were made and there had been yet 9 (including this one) on the market. So, if ever you want one for your collection, this might be the one to go for. Because nobody knows when the next one will come up for sale or how many will come up for sale and then as well at which price. But one thing might be for sure, the price will probably turn more to the northern direction then the opposite.

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