Freitag, 4. September 2020

Vintage watches up for sale at my boutique

 Dear watch aficionado.

Some nice old stuff up for sale at my boutique

I warmly invite you to take a look at the current offer. More informations and photos upon request by e-mail or Whatsapp.


  • Audemars Piguet 5503, unique
  • Audemars Piguet 5402ST A-Series
  • Patek Philippe 3700/1
  • Patek Philippe 605HU Certificat d'origine, box and description
  • Patek Philippe Chronometro Gondolo, unique
  • Rolex 6542 Full Set
  • Rolex 6265, early tropical
  • Rolex 6265, black big red
  • Rolex 1675 long E
  • Tissot, "The Americas" émail by Ms Koch, only 2 made


Kind regards.


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