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NEW available at my boutique ------> Rolex 6105 pink gold, black épargne dial

 Dear watch aficionado.

New available at my boutique is this superb Rolex 6105 pink gold with black épargne dial:

Rolex 6105

Pink Gold case

Black épargne dial

​These Rolex 6105 Datejust timepieces are rarely seen in the combination of a pink gold case with black dial, only a handful of examples are known to the market today. This example is from ca. 1952 and wears a 791xxx serial as you can see on the photo in the gallery. The case is in pretty nice shape with still a very present hallmark underneath the lug. The more, it retains as well the original "Rolex, Super + Oyster" crown. The dial is a correct rare black épargne dial with the early "swiss made" signature at 6 o'clock, which matches the serial number 791xxx.

​These black dials were highly complicated to produce. They used the famous épargne method for the minuterie and swiss made signature. After that, the dial was treated in a black galvanic bath and then protected by a so called "sapon", which was a translucent lacquer used for protection against oxidation. The signature "Rolex Oyster Perpetual" & "Officially Certified Chronometer" are made with the décalque doré method by using red gold powder onto the sapon. The sapon on the present example has been "eaten" by the radium lume over the last 70 years, which adds tremendous character.

This example comes in good, honest and original condition in a rarely seen combination and with a stunning presence on the wrist. The nice and charming patina tells the story of the last 70 years.

​This timepiece is certainly a connoisseur’s choice and a great addition to every high-class watch collection.​

I welcome and will respond to your request on my address:





18 jewels

Automatic wound



Pink Gold, 36mm

Original "Rolex, Super + Oyster" crown

Casemaker #12, Genex



Black épargne dial

Radium lume




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