Donnerstag, 14. November 2013

Benzinger "Full Skeleton"

Dear watch aficionado.

Today I will introduce you the Benzinger "Full Skeleton" in three different versions.

The "Full Skeleton" is, as the name says, full skeletonized by hand! The engraving and guilloché is done as well by hand!

As you can see, the lever jumper is skeletonized with the initials "JB" (Jochen Benzinger), for the initials you can choose as well yours.

The more, the skeletonization can be completely personalized with a coat of arms, pretty much whatever you can imagine can be skeletonized or engraved in your personal watch!

As you can see with these three models, you can change the appearance of the watch with only changing the "colours". The red gold version is probably more feminine with its stainless steel case and the rose gold movement. The black PVD coated and rhodié versions are more masculine, with its stainless steel case and black PVD coated movement or its DLC black coated case with the rhodié movement.

As well you can choose a rose, white or yellow gold case for your "Full Skeleton".

best regards.



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