Samstag, 13. Juni 2015

My picks for Christie's sale on June 17

At the upcoming Christie's sale on June 17 you will find some superb Patek Philippe timepieces and I will start with this rare and in great condition 2508, center second, first series, cased in stainless steel Patek. It is only the 15th publicly known to date 2508 stainless steel. A really great looking watch and the overall excellent condition (as described in the catalogue of Christie's) makes it a must have for every watch lover. Lot N° 44, Estimated 20 000 - 40 000$

A beautiful example of the legendary Patek Philippe chronographe 530 in yellow gold with tachymeter dial. This example was already sold once 11 years ago at Christie's for 216 600 CHF. We will see how far it will go this time. Lot N° 46, Estimated 100 000 - 200 000$.

And now we come to two legendary watches made by Patek Philippe. A 1518 and a 2499 third series. For me personally if I would have to chose between a 1518 and a 2499 I would always go for a 1518. It was the first chronographe calendar watch and it lets my heart beating faster then a 2499. This one comes in yellow gold with a tachymeter dial in miles. The more it is the first appearence in the public since 1987. Lot N° 48, Estimated 200 000 - 400 000$.

And then we come to this beautiful 2499 third series cased in yellow gold. As well a watch that should be in every high-end collection. Lot N° 185, Estimated 260 000 -360 000$

And another legend, the great 1436 split second chronographe by Patek Philippe. This one comes in excellent condition (as stated in the catalogue), Tiffany & Co signed dial, cased in yellow gold, great provenance and fresh to the market. A great watch. Lot N° 47, Estimated 150 000 - 250 000$

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  1. Results of the auction:

    Lot N° 44 - 72 500$
    Lot N° 46 - 209 000$
    Lot N° 48 - 281 000$
    Lot N° 185 - 305 000$
    Lot N° 47 - 341 000$

    Kind regards.


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