Samstag, 9. Januar 2016

Hodinkee - Talking Watches Eric Ku, another favorite episode

Dear watch aficionado.

The Talking Watches episodes by Hodinkee are something really great and I'd say that it is my favorite part about Hodinkee. Every time, when a new episode is released, I am looking forward to see the next one. And this episode with Eric Ku is one of my favorites beside the one with Jason Singer (in my post from yesterday, click here) and others. 

I do love this episode because the of the timepieces of legendary independent watchmakers that are presented. I love that Simplicity by Philippe Dufour, his level of finissage is just out of this world and his watches are real handmade timepieces! [And somehow I do feel a bit jealous, everytime when I do see somebody who has the great privilege to own an example ;) ] And then there is as well the Antiqua by Vianney Halter. An outstanding timepiece, such a very special design, I love it! Both, Philippe Dufour and Vianney Halter are not only outstanding watchmakers, but as well great persons. And the thing in this episode I love the most is the combination of these great independent watches with great vintage timepieces.

Here the link to the Talking Watches Episode with Eric Ku:

Kind regards.

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