Freitag, 8. Januar 2016

Hodinkee - Talking Watches Jason Singer, my favorite episode

Dear watch aficionado.

When I was looking at the Talking Watches episodes by Hodinkee in these days of the new year (I don't count anymore, how many times I have seen all of these episodes), I was finding myself watching the episode with Jason Singer again and again. 

It is so amazing to see the diversity of timepieces presented in a very charming way by Jason Singer to Benjamin Clymer, from Bubblebacks to GMTs over to 3448s. And, oh, the quality of these timepieces presented, just amazing, out of this world.

Can't wait to see the first episode of Talking Watches by Hodinkee in 2016! Here the link to the Talking Watches episode with Jason Singer:

Kind regards.

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