Mittwoch, 5. April 2017

Andersen Genève Eros -----> available at my boutique

Dear watch aficionado.

The EROS automatons watches by Andersen Genève are a mixing of technical achievements and artwork. All the elements of the automatons are cut out in a brass plate, adapted and assembled to the mechanical movement, and then it is painted by the miniature painter by hand. If there is no special demand for personalization, the painter improvises decoration of the interior and the “actors” according to his imagination. So, the complete scene is made to measure and can be designed by the client.

The Eros is available in 3 different sizes: 
  • Eros, 38.5mm dia. 12mm high 
  • Eros XL, 42mm dia. 14.5mm high 
  • Eros 69, 46mmx42mm dia. 15mm high

This one, on the photos is number 156. Welcome to Paris.

A short movie of this watch on my youtube channel. With the pusher button at 8 o'clock you start the mechanism of the automaton.

This Eros XL (42mm diameter and 14.5mm high) does wear perfectly on the wrist. The case is in yellow gold. And, when having the Eros on the wrist, the people will only see the very elegant and very discreet dial.

For requests and orders I warmly invite you to send me an e-mail on the following address:

I warmly invite you to take a look at the website of my boutique for the watches that I have in my offer:

Kind regards.

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