Donnerstag, 6. April 2017

Available at my boutique -----> Patek Philippe Chronometro Gondolo, unique and historical highly important!

Dear watch aficionado.

This is the only Patek Philippe Chronometro Gondolo with a square case and central seconds. This example is in sublime condition. 

But it is even more special and historical important than this: when taking a closer look at the "SWISS" signature, you can see that it is flanked by 2 "T" letters! In this case it is not for tritium! But, the master engraver at Cadrans Stern, back in the days, name was Maurice Thievent and those 2 "T" letters do stand for his family name. Not only that Mr. Thievent was the master engraver but the more he was as well the mentor of Henri Stern! Due to Mr. Thievent we do have today all those amazing Patek Philippe timepieces with the hand-engraved dials!

This Chronometro Gondolo represents so much history of Patek Philippe and is a timepiece of museum quality!

I warmly invite you to take a look at the website of my boutique it is available.

Kind regards.

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