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Phillips Watches - Geneva auction five ----> my favorites, Patek Philippe

Dear watch aficionado.

And again, Aurel Bacs and his team at Phillips Watches managed to assemble an amazing offer for their upcoming sale in Geneva on May 13 & 14! The quality of the timepieces they chose for their catalogue is really extraordinary and something very special. When I received the printed catalogue I seriously had to sit me down, because it blew me out of my socks ;)

I have thought about how to make a choice of watches that I could consider to offer without any hesitation to my clients and that are at the same time the timepieces that do touch myself the most and that are for me personally the ones that should be in every great collection.

So I chose to go with 3 Patek Phillipe dress watches, 3 dress watches with complications and 3 chronograps.

I am going to start with one of my favorite Patek Philippe dress watches ever, the legendary 570 Calatrava. The two examples that I chose from the catalogue do represent, in my opinion, this legendary timepiece the best way. The Pink on Pink with the amazing two tone dial, Lot 72, estimated 40 000 - 80 000 CHF, is an example that dreams are made of. Not only that it is a very rare Pink on Pink with an amazing two tone dial, but as well as the description in the catalogue says, it is in amazing condition (case probably unpolished). And than there is the white gold example, Lot 115, estimated 40 000 - 80 000 CHF, the perfection of a timeless dress watch. Not only that this example is in probably unpolished condition, as stated in the catalogue, but as well it comes together with the Certificat d'Origine and the original presentation box. The quality of the white 570 combined with the accessories and as well the original strap certainly puts this example on top of the list of every collection. There was a white gold 570 sold by Phillips in May 2015 (Lot 94), as in good condition like the present, for 77 000CHF hammer price. So we will see where this one is going to end.

The third dress watch I chose is the amazing 2551 white gold case with black dial and diamond set hour markers, Lot 166, estimated 80 000 - 140 000 CHF. The combination of the white gold case with its black dial together with the diamond set hour markers blows my mind. The discreet presence is simply amazing and I could very well imagine to wear this one on a nice tailor made Harris Tweed suit. I do personally love these combinations of white metal cases and black dials, especially on such elegant and timeless designed timepieces like this 2551. The combination is probably unique, as stated in the catalogue. Oh, this one is a serious dream!

Now moving forward to the ones with complications. I chose the amazing 1415 pink gold, Lot 181, estimated 60 000 - 90 000 CHF, the legendary 1526 pink gold, Lot 214, estimated 150 000 - 250 000 CHF and the sublime 2497 pink gold, Lot 171, estimated 400 000 - 800 000 CHF.

Starting with the legendary 1415HU, the first worldtime wristwatch made by Patek. The timeless design, the historical importance makes this a watch that should be in every distinguished collection. The more, the present example is cased in pink gold of which only 14 are known of the second series featuring a superb silver dial. As mentioned in the catalogue, it was sold the last time in 2001. This 1415 is certainly a great trophy for every distinguished gentlemen collector.

And now, my all time favorite (together with the 1518) Patek Philippe timepiece, the legendary and first perpetual calendar produced by Patek in series, the extraordinary and so beautiful 1526 in pink gold. Not only that this one is cased in the rare pink gold variant, but the more it is in exceptional condition and one of the best preserved specimen ever appeared on the market! As stated in the catalogue: "appears to be in virtually unworn condition"! When I was going through the catalogue and saw this one, my heart stopped beating immediately because of the sheer beauty of this legendary 1526! I don't know why the 1526 is still way underrated, because the historical importance of this watch is pretty much the same as for the 1518, which is the first chronographe perpetual produced by Patek, but unfortunately the 1526 did not get the attention yet that it deserves! From the design part, it is simply mind blowing. The presence on the wrist is really mesmerizing, perfect size (even that it has "only" 34mm) perfect dial. For me, the 1526 combines everything a timepiece need to have, historical importance, rarity and amazing, timeless design. Can't be any better! This is pure perfection!

Every time a watch does appear onto the market for the first time, one can be sure that there will be a lot of collectors out there to have a heartattack (well, ment in a very positive sense) especially when it is a legendary timepiece by Patek Philippe like the present 2497 (the successor of the legendary 1526). Not only that this one was unknown to the market before, but the more it is cased in the very rare pink gold variant, comes from the family of the first owner, is in incredible amazing condition, has lume hands and the original pink gold Milanese bracelet comes with it. What could a distinguished gentlemen collector ask for more? This is pretty much pure perfection in the vintage watch game.

Coming to the chronographs of which I chose the following three: the super rare 591, Lot 34, estimated 40 000 - 70 000 CHF, the legendary 1463 with two tone Pulsation dial, Lot 31, estimated 150 000 - 250 000 CHF and yes, the extraordinary 1518, Lot 215, estimated 300 000 - 500 000 CHF.

Starting with this amazing and extraordinary 1463 yellow gold with its remarkable two tone Pulsation Scale dial! Not known to the market before, this is a timepiece which will fetch certainly as well a pretty high price. For me personally I like these 1463 chronographs, the sportie design of the case, the pusher buttons, it has everything a superb chronograph need to have. And this example combines magnificent condition together with sheer rarity. One can not ask for more! Amazing!

The 591, a chronograph that one does not hear about so often. But I do personally like it a lot. First of all it is super rare, it is estimated that only 34 pieces were made. And I really like its unusual design. The more, the present example is as well in superb condition. The fact that it is the rarest chronograph that Patek built, makes it even more interesting for every distinguished gentlemen collector and I think that this is a really great chance to acquire an example in great condition!

The legend itself, the 1518, the first chronographe perpetual built in series. For me, together with the 1526, it is one of the most important watches made by Patek. The last time this example appeared on the market was in 1987 as stated in the catalogue. So a very good chance for every collector to acquire one of these legendary 1518s after it appeared the last time on the market, 30 years ago.

Kind regards.
(photos by Phillips Watches)

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