Dienstag, 21. August 2018

NEW at my boutique ----> IWC 308 from 1942, 38mm, spectacular dial

Dear watch aficionado.

NEW available at my boutique is this IWC reference 308 which was sold on April 7th 1942 to Weinstabel in Prague comes with a very unusual large case of 38mm for that time period. It retains very strong proportions and the caseback still snaps very strong to the case. The IWC 308's are rarely seen especially in great condition as the present example. Not only that it comes with a superbly preserved case, but it has as well an extraordinary dial that turned from black to a beautiful chocolate color over its 76 years lifetime, which certainly adds that extra to this beautiful timepiece. And as stated by the curator of the museum: "It is a very interesting dial; I never saw it before."
This IWC 308 is certainly a great addition for every distinguished gentlemen collector, as it has all attributes a true vintage watch should have, perfect size of 38mm, case in superb condition and then that extraordinary dial.

I warmly invite you to visite the website of my boutique www.watchcollector.lu for more information and photos.

Kind regards.

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