Montag, 9. März 2020

Grieb & Benzinger, Patek Philippe 1889 split second for Tiffany

Dear watch aficionado.

Grieb & Benzinger are known for their craftsmanship and for their exquisite unique timepieces. For this watch they used a Patek Philippe split second movement from 1889 which was sold in 1890 to Tiffany in New York.

Not only that they gave the movement a whole new finish, when you look at all the plates that are hand-guilloched, engraved and skeletonized. But they changed the movement as well to a Regulator display on the dial side. They had to rebuild the complete movement, so to get everything done correctly.

For the case they used Platinum and it was complicated to build to get the throw axle pusher on the crown correctly set and as well every lug is single welded to the case. The bezel is guilloched by hand and the caseback is engraved by hand. 

More than 1000 hours of pure craftsmanship were necessary to built this superb timepiece, which has an amazing presence on the wrist. Imagine how accurate and precise they had to work, because if a piece on the movment had been broken, it would have been almost impossible to find original parts from that time.

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