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Omega Speedmaster 105.003-65 "Ed White", NASA Speedmasters

Dear watch aficionado.

When it comes to vintage Omega Speedmasters, I always loved the ones with the NASA history involved. So the legendary 2998-1 Walter Schirra, 105.003-65 Edward Higgins "Ed" White, the 105.012.-65 Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin and 145.012-68 Michael Collins.

In 1962 when Walter Schirra was flying to the space, as the 6th human in space, he was wearing his Speedmaster 2998-1, the first Omega Speedmaster in space. The first human in space was the russian Kosmonaut Juri Gagarin.
Walter Schirra after his space flight with his personal 2998-1 on the wrist. Photo by NASA

But then a further step was made with Ed White who was actually the second human and the first american who made a space walk in 1965 and on his wrist the last straight lug Speedmaster, the 105.003.-63 and so the first Speedmaster that could enjoy a spacewalk. The first human ever who made a space walk was the russian Kosmonaut Alexei Archipowitsch Leonow.

Photo made by James McDivitt, Ed White out there

Photo made by James McDivitt, Ed White out there

Well, and then four years later, in 1969 Collins as pilot of the command module Columbia with his 145.012-68 on the wrist and Armstrong and Aldrin with the 105.012-65 who landed with the "Eagle" on the moon surface and were the first humans ever taking a moonwalk. It is said that Armstrong left his 105.012-65 in the command module, as the board clock did not work anymore.

Buzz Aldrin on the moon with his 105.012-65. Photographed by Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong on the moon, near the "Eagle". Photo take by Buzz Aldrin.

I think that when it comes to collect Speedmasters these four references should be part of every high class collection. I do personally love the Speedmasters due to their design but that extra on top is the history with NASA, spacewalk and moonwalk.

To find these watches in NOS condition is almost impossible. So I focus on the 105.003-65 that I found a while ago for a client of mine. This watch is the first "Ed White" in truly NOS condition that I have seen. I did not see one at the auctions yet nor elsewhere in a private collection in such a perfectly preserved condition. The watch came from the original owner who bought it in the 1980s from an Omega dealer together with its original strap, buckle, box and guarantee (blank) and never wore it. I am not only looking for NOS watches, but if ever you have the chance to get one of these Speedmasters in such stunning perfect condition, you got to go for it. When I showed it to my client, he was very happy to buy it for his collection.

I am personally a big fan of these straight lug versions as the "Ed White" or the 2998-1 "Schirra". And there is as well the 2915-1 with which it all started in 1957 and that belongs as well in every high class collection, even it has no history with NASA. But at the end it is as always an affaire de goût if you like the Speedy or not.

Here some photos of the 105.003-65 that I did find for my client:

perfect dial, original plexi, perfect bezel

looking up closely, perfect dial, perfect bezel

looking up closely, perfect dial, perfect bezel

looking up closely, perfect dial, perfect bezel

looking up closely, perfect dial, perfect bezel

untouched movement

original strap with its buckle

perfect case

perfect case

original Plexi with the Omega sign at the center. Perfect bezel.

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