Freitag, 31. Oktober 2014

François Paul Journe, Patek Philippe and Rolex @ Christie's November 27

Here are my picks for the upcoming auction at Christie's on November 27:

I will start with the François Paul Journe - tourbillon anniversaire. A re-interpretation of his first pocket watch which he made in 1983. This timepiece was a limit series of only 99 pieces and is for me personally my favorite watch by François Paul Journe. Lot N°2703, Estimated 50 000 $ - 62 000 $.

Rolex military Submariner in perfect condition accompanied by a letter from Rolex confirming that this timepiece was sold to the British Royal Navy. Lot N°2543, Estimated 120 000 $ - 180 000 $.

This Patek Philippe 565 is the only one known combining a stainless steel case with black dial and steel Breguet numerals. Lot N°2513, Estimated 13 000 $ - 19 000 $.

Until today there are only 8 examples of the Patek Philippe 1579 in stainless steel known! Most of them were recased later then the 1940's during servicing. The present watch is an example of these recased timepieces and this one was done in 1967. Lot N°2522, Estimated 200 000 $ - 300 000 $.

I invite you as well to have a look at my vintage corner on my website of my boutique, some rare and beautiful timepieces are waiting there!

All the best.
(photos by Christie's)

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  1. Auction results:

    Lot N°2703 - not sold
    Lot N°2543 - 191 743$
    Lot N°2513 - 35 628$
    Lot N°2522 - 611 506$

    All the best.


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